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Wordle Unlimited

Wordle Unlimited was created specifically for those who don't like the one word per day limit that comes with classic Wordle. Now we have made Wordle, where the number of games is not limited. Guess endless words and play all day long. Use this mode for fun or to practice and become a better player. Test your vocabulary right now!

How to play Wordle unlimited?

In Unlimited Wordle, your task is the same as in a regular game. Guess the words in 6 attempts. However, there are some differences.
After the end of the round, you can click on the next game button and continue the game with another word. This is the meaning of the unlimitedness of this version of Wordle.
There is another significant difference. In the settings, you can choose the length of the word. You can guess not only 5 letter words, but also words up to 11 letters long.

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