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Flagle Wordle Game

Do you remember what the USA flag looks like? What about the flag of the Gambia? Flagle will check it out. In this game, your task is to guess which country's flag is hidden. You have only six tries to find the correct answer. Don't worry, after each attempt, you will receive hints in the form of unlocked parts of the flag and the geographic location of the target country. Flagle is a great way to learn something new about the world and increase your erudition.

How to play Flagle

Select a country from the list in the box below the hidden flag. You can choose any random country because the first attempt is blind, but make sure you have an idea of the location of that country. The next hint for you will be based on the location of the selected country.
After the first attempt, you will receive hints about the direction and distance from your answer to the country or territory whose flag is hidden.
The distance in kilometers indicates how far the target location is.
The arrow shows the direction in which to search for the target country.
You have six attempts to find the correct answer. A new part of the flag is unlocked after each of your attempts. You will see the entire flag of the country when you give the correct answer or run out of guesses.
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