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Worldle Game

Worldle is an amazing geography-guessing game. In this game, your task is to guess some geographical location (country, island, territory) in six attempts. Each time you give a wrong answer, you get a hint about the proximity of your choice. You can use the information about how far and in what direction the target location is to advance in the game. This game is a pleasant way to improve your geographical skills!

How to play Worldle

At the beginning, you’ll see a silhouette of some territory on a map. Try to guess what area it is. Please note that your answer can only be in the form of a valid country, island, or territory. Enter your guess in the first empty field, or select it from the list and press the “Guess” button.
If you give an incorrect answer, you will get hints about the proximity of your choice in percentage terms. The higher the percentage, the closer you are to the correct answer.
Use clues about the direction and distance from your answer to the unknown area. Distance shows how far away the target location is. The arrow shows the direction in which to search for the target area.
Remember that you have six attempts to give the correct answer.
Go to “Settings” to change the distance unit from kilometers to miles. You can also make the game more difficult and hide the country image or rotate it randomly.
Play Worldle and become a geographical genius!
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