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Phrazle Wordle Game

Phrazle is a new addictive word puzzle game. In this game, the player's task is to guess a phrase consisting of several random words. The essence of Phrazle is to analyze word patterns in order to guess the hidden phrase. You can make up to six attempts to find the hidden phrase using the feedback that you collect in the form of colored tiles after each try. At first glance, this game may seem difficult, but keep practicing, and you’ll become the best in Phrazle.

How to play Phrazle

At the beginning, you have an empty grid on the screen. There is a hidden phrase of several words. Start by entering a few random words using the letters at the bottom of the grid.
When all the required words have been entered, press the “Enter” button to submit.
After the first guess, you will be able to use the hint as the tiles will be colored. If the tiles are green, it means that you have chosen the correct letter and placed it in the correct position. If the tile is yellow, the letter is used in this word, but it must be placed in another spot. The purple tiles mean that the letter belongs to the phrase, but must be placed in another word. If you see gray tiles, sorry, but this letter is not used anywhere in the phrase.
You have six attempts to find the actual phrase. You should only use valid words and spaces where they are needed.
Follow the rules and try to guess your first phrase in Phrazle.
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