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Artle Wordle Game

Artle is an intellectual puzzle game for true connoisseurs of art. In this game, you have to test your knowledge about famous artists. Your task is to look at the work of art and guess the artist who created it. You have four attempts to give the correct answer. The photographs shown are taken from the collection of the National Gallery of Art and include various works of art. Artle is the best way to relax and get further art education!

How to play Artle

First, you will see some work of art on your screen. It can be painting, photography, or sculpture. Try to guess the artist who made it. Start typing an artist’s name in the search box, and then select it from the list.
Remember that you have four attempts to guess the artist.
A red cross means you gave the wrong answer.
Every time you give a wrong answer, you get another piece of art from that artist as a clue. So, in your last attempt, you will see four works of art made by the artist.
Don’t worry if you don’t guess the artist. Artle is the perfect way to practice your artistic skills and learn more about art and famous artists.
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