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Heardle Wordle Game

Heardle is a fun music game where you need to guess the song within a few seconds. In this game, your task is to listen to the intro, which lasts two seconds, and then choose the right artist and song title. Don’t worry if you don’t know the answer - you can easily skip a round and unlock new pieces of melody as a clue. The player wins if the song is guessed in no more than six attempts.

How to play Heardle

Click the “Play” button to start playing. Listen to the first two seconds of a popular song and try to guess it. The music in the game is based on the most popular songs of the last decade, so guessing it from the first notes is absolutely real.
Choose the right artist and song title from the list below.
Click the “Skip” button if you don’t know the answer. You’ll be able to listen to the next two seconds of the melody. You can skip a round six times, and on your last try, you will be able to listen to 16 seconds of soundtrack.
It doesn’t matter if you guessed the answer or not - you will be able to listen to the full soundtrack after your final attempt.
Invite your friends and family and enjoy playing Heardle and listening to your favorite music together!
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