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Globle Wordle Game

Globle is an entertaining geography-guessing game. In this game, your task is to find the Mysterious Country on the globe using the feedback based on your every attempt. There is no limit to the number of guesses, but the player's goal is to guess the country using as few guesses as possible. Use the color clues like in the Hot and Cold game to quickly find the answer and practice your geographical skills with fun!

How to play Globle

Click on the globe icon to start the game. After that, you will see a page with a big globe. It shows all countries without borders. Make your first guess. Write the random country name (for example, Spain) in the box above the globe and click the “Submit” button.
After your first guess, the selected country will be shaded on the globe. Consider the color of a country to advance in the game. The darker the color, the closer you are to the correct answer.
If the color of the country is pale, it means that you are definitely far from the Mysterious country. You can try to search the country in a different direction. If you see orange or red colors, it means that you are very close, and you should try to look for the country in the nearest surroundings.
You can click, drag and move the globe to see the selected country and its surroundings up close.
Dark brown color means you have found the target country.
The number of guesses is unlimited. Play Globle and try to find the Mysterious country as quickly as possible!
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