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Sedecordle Game

Sedecordle is an entertaining word puzzle game where your task is to guess sixteen 5-letter words using 21 tries or fewer. All 16 words are hidden in a grid that is displayed on your screen. In this game, you need to put the right letters to the correct places in words, trying to find all the words consecutively. The player wins when all words in the grid are guessed in no more than 21 attempts.

How to play Sedecordle

Click on any letter at the bottom of the grid to type it into the first empty cell. The letter will be used twice for two words at the same time.
When 5 letters have been typed, press the Enter button. Please note: invalid words will turn red. If so, you should retype them correctly.
Use color hints to advance in the game. If you choose the correct letter and put it in the right position, the tiles will turn green for two corresponding words. If the letter for a word is chosen correctly but placed in the wrong position, the tiles turn yellow. Gray tiles mean these letters are not used in the word. The more progress you make in the game - the fewer options you will be able to choose from.
Click on the Backspace button to delete misspelled letters.
Use the numbers at the top of the grid to switch to the corresponding word pair. For example, click on the number 5 switch to the fifth puzzle board.
Try to guess all the words using no more than 21 attempts to win!
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