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Waffle Wordle Game

Waffl is a word game, a bit like Wordle. Unlike the original game, here you have to guess six words by rearranging the bulls. Waffle uses the same hint color scheme as Wordle, so it should be very easy for you to get the gist of the game. Waffle is a word puzzle game inspired by Wordle. In this game, all the letters are already in the waffle styled grid, but they are all mixed up! Your task is to rearrange the letters so that you get six correct words. Sounds easy? That's why you only have fifteen moves to solve the waffle. Play Waffle and try to win with as few tries as possible to earn stars!

How to play Waffle?

There are 6 hidden words in the game, three horizontally and three vertically in a waffle shaped grid. Your task is to guess all the words by rearranging the letters in places. You have only 15 attempts. However, each Waffle can be guessed in 10 moves.
To swap letters, click on any letter with the mouse or your finger and drag without releasing the letter to the place of another. The letters will swap positions with each other.
The letters have colors that are clues. The green letters are in the correct places and cannot be moved. Yellow color means that the letter is in the right row or column. Gray color - the letter is not in its place at all.
You have 15 moves to solve Waffle. You can see the number of attempts left under the grid. Try to solve the Waffle using as few moves as possible. You will receive a star for every move left after solving the puzzle.
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