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Foodle Wordle Game

Do you love food, cooking and everything related to the kitchen? Foodle is the perfect word puzzle game for food fans! When you start playing, you’ll see an empty grid on your screen. Your task is to guess 5-letter food-related words using no more than six attempts. Improve your culinary skills, knowledge of food terms and definitions with Foodle.

How to play Foodle

Type in any 5-letter word to start playing. Please note: the word should be related to food. Words with other meanings are not accepted. Here are some examples to get you started: apple, spoon, bacon.
When the whole word is typed, press the “Enter” button to send the answer.
Use color hints to advance in the game. For instance, if you see green tiles, it means that you chose the correct letters and put them in the right spots. Yellow tiles mean that the letter was chosen right, but you should change its position in the word. If the tiles are gray, the selected letters are not used in this word, you should choose other options.
Press the “Backspace” button to delete misspelled words and letters.
Use as few attempts as possible, guess the daily Foodle word in the minimum time, and share your best results with your friends!
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