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Poeltl Wordle Game

Poeltl is a puzzle game for real sports fans. In this game, your task is to guess the name of an NBA player in eight tries. With each of your attempts you will receive hints about the player’s team, conference, division, position, height, age, and jersey number. Use the colored clues and arrows to give the right answer. Try the silhouette mode to make the game easier.

How to play Poeltl

Start typing the first or last name of any NBA player in the field. Choose the name from the list below.
After that, you will see the table below with some information about the selected player. It contains the player's team, conference, division, position, height, age, and jersey number.
The colored tiles show the matches between the selected player and the mysterious one. Since green indicates a complete match, yellow means you are close enough, but not quite. For example, if you see yellow in the team column, it means that the player played for that team for a while and now plays for another team. No color means no match.
Arrows in height, age and jersey number columns show the direction in which you should search for the right number. If the right number is in the range of two, you will see a yellow tile.
If you get stuck, click on the “Show silhouette” button. You will see a silhouette of the player in the headshot. This can make searching easier. Remember that you have only eight attempts to give the correct answer.
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